Forklift operator

Have you ever worked in a location where the primeval nature meets modern technology right there in your own hands? There, where you are surrounded by light and cleanliness, a masseur/ masseuse kneads your back and you have lunch practically for free?
No, you have not? Well, then it is about time to apply.

A forklift operator drives a forklift. The forklift operator loads and unloads production and materials, gives out and receives goods and checks the documents.

What do we expect?

We are looking for someone with a sense of duty and the skill to work with a forklift. You do not have to lift weights yourself at the workplace, you can do it in a fitness centre after work. At the expense of the company!

What do we offer?

We have an impressive brand new factory and comfortable bus transportation. Massage, rehabilitation and sports activities are free of charge. Lunches are also almost for free. You can take a holiday from plywood for two weeks in summer and for a week during the Christmas season. The rest of your holiday is up to you. The work schedule is almost like in Genka’s song – three working days followed by three days off (12-hour day and night shifts).

The working day starts at 8:00 or 20:00 respectively.

Do you feel that you have a FORKLIFT OPERATOR’S genes?
Send your CV to the address personal@kohilavineer.ee

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