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Kohila Vineer OÜ –  the subsidiary company of Latvijas Finieris Group – is the leading employer of the Rapla County with a staff of 220 people. Kohila Vineer ensure long-term cooperation with all stakeholders throughout the value chain. We use 100% Estonian birch as the raw material and forest owners can be sure - the delivered wood will be processed into high-value birch plywood products with RIGA logo.

The largest of Kohila Vineer factory buildings covers 18 000 m2 and features wooden load-bearing structural elements made in Estonia. It is one of the largest wooden buildings in country.

  • 1885Alexander Martin Luther’s factory
  • 1940Tallinn Plywood and Furniture Plant
  • 2011Kohila Vineer OÜ

Kohila Vineer history

To tell our story from the very beginning we must go back more than 100 years. Kohila Vineer is the descendent of the famous Luther furniture and plywood factory. In 1885 Alexander Martin Luther was the first to produce plywood in Czarist Russia and the factory became Estonia’s biggest furniture manufacturer in the beginning of 20th century.

During the Second World War however the company was nationalized, and the enterprise was renamed Tallinn Plywood and Furniture Plant. In this form the production continued until the end of the Soviet era.

After restoration of Estonia’s independence, the factory changed owners several times. Things took a historic turning in 2011 when one of Europa’s biggest plywood manufacturers Latvijas Finieris became the new owner and founded the subsidiary company Kohila Vineer OÜ.

Expansive reconstruction works began during which a veneer production line and a plywood production line were set up, as well as a new and modern office building, recreation block and a warehouse for finished goods. Equipped with state of the art technology Kohila Vineer is one of the worlds most advanced plywood factories.

Latvijas Finieris around the world

Latvijas Finieris Group is the world’s leading developer, producer and supplier of birch plywood products and related services. It’s international company with production facilities in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland, as well as 12 fully owned product development and sales companies in Europe and overseas.

Latvijas Finieris products with RIGA brand are sold in more than 60 countries, providing high-quality, service and tailored technology solutions to customers.

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